Pricing Plan


Answers to Your Questions

Does it have to be a WordPress Site?

Yes, currently we are only working with WordPress.  We are planning on adding some other platforms in the near future.

Do you require a longtime committement?

No, we work on a month to month committement.  If you are not happy with our services, then we will keep your site up for 15 days, to allow you to find another hosting solution.

What is the turn around time for request?

Most of our updates are completed same day, but our policy is to have them completed within 1 business day.

If my site has some SEO needs, do you offer them?

Our Platinum plan, does not only advise of some SEO issues.  We also assist with resolution.  We have partner with a few SEO Experts and will provide a plan of action.  Then we will work with you on the plan of action.

Do you offer custom plan?

We can offer custom plan.  You can contact us to discuss what you are looking for and we will provide you with a quote.


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